Permanent Insulation Solutions Achieved with PERSTONE

Perstone products, which have an inorganic natural closed-pore structure, do not lose their insulation properties over time. It can be used safely in all climatic conditions with its chemically neutral and environmentally friendly product range. Deformations that may occur in exterior and interior spaces due to the effects of heat, humidity and fire, seen in other insulation products, do not appear in Perstone products.

The Most Compatible Form of Insulation

Perstone insulation products (wall blocks, panels, mesh glue, plaster, screed and insulation concrete); With its water repellent and high adherence properties, it protects your structures from adverse conditions such as cold, hot, humidity and fire in the harshest climatic conditions.

It provides permanent insulation to your roofs throughout the life of the building, without the condensation problems and heat losses seen between the roof and the Catiper mat, which is easily applied on cold hipped roofs.

Offering the Most Natural and Strong Form of Insulation

Our Products

Perstone Mammuthus

The blocks, produced in 25×60 cm dimensions and 10/15/20/25 cm thickness alternatives, are high-strength wall mesh and insulation elements that provide sound, heat and fire insulation primarily in residences and all constructions, offering an unrivaled and unique insulation solution.

Perstone Pardus

It is easily and practically applied to the exterior of buildings thanks to its practical, durable and lightweight panel sheet form produced in 40x60x4-5-7 cm dimensions. It provides perfect heat, sound and fire insulation, and fire protection thanks to its high temperature resistance, with the power and nature it receives from the perlite it contains.

Perstone Walrus

Mammuthus; It is an insulation plaster with high adhesion properties, suitable for use on interior and exterior facades, providing heat, sound, fire and moisture insulation in the applications of block, aerated concrete, pumice, brick, light building blocks, perlite panel, perlite sheet building elements.

Perstone Octopus

Octopus; It is a high-strength, durable and hygienic block and panel glue used for the applications and assembly of block, aerated concrete, pumice, brick, light building blocks, perlite panel, perlite board building elements, and offers excellent solutions in insulation.

Perstone Çatıper Çatı Şiltesi

Çatıper Roof Mat; They are expanded thin perlite-based mattresses produced at low density in PP lamination bags in sizes 50×100, 7-10 cm. It is easily applied by laying it side by side in the attic, overlapping it a few centimeters. They are insulation mats that provide permanent thermal insulation in all environmental and climate conditions.

The Most Economical Form of Insulation

Perstone insulation products do not cause insulation performance losses that are frequently experienced in other insulation products and protect the structure until the end of its life. Thanks to their easy application and workmanship, Perstone products are extremely economical construction materials, providing the most economical results with detail solutions in construction projects.

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