Perstone Octopus

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Octopus Block Mesh and Panel Glue with Perlite Content

Octopus block mesh and panel bonding glue, named after the octopus, provides high adherence with wall mesh and panel materials.

Block knitting glue, which contains 20% stagnant air thanks to the micro and macro porosity of Perlite in its content, contributes to exterior insulation by providing extra thermal insulation between wall joints.

While Octopus Block Knitting Glue provides thermal insulation, other joint adhesive glues do not have such a feature. In this way, thermal bridges between block joints are prevented and wall surfaces are completely insulated, preventing mold and moisture formation.

Block knitting glue, which provides ease of workmanship and application, allows each block in your structure to be knitted with the same quality and high adherence. It also reduces material application wastage.

Octopus has higher adherence than other equivalents. In this way, it connects the blocks tightly to each other.

It is a long-lasting block knitting glue that is not affected by moisture and external factors without losing its high insulation and adherence properties over time.

It is a cement-based, polymer-added, water-repellent, thick-textured, factory-mixed brick masonry mortar that can be applied by hand.

Usage Areas

  • It can be used in all buildings, interior and exterior.
  • It is suitable for masonry elements such as brick and pumice.
  • Thanks to its water-repellent additives, this factory-mixed product is more resistant to water than the mortars prepared using the classical method.
  • It is an easy-to-apply mortar.
  • At the same time, it provides trouble-free application with its standard high quality at every point.


  • Same quality in every bag.
  • Minimum product loss thanks to its packaging.
  • Higher performance than construction site mix.
  • It saves labor costs and time.
  • It consists of 99% inorganic materials.
  • It does not contain substances harmful to the environment and human health.
  • It does not slip on vertical surfaces.

Cement-based thermal insulation board adhesive mortar with high adhesion strength, reduced slip properties and compatible with wall components.

Usage Areas

  • Indoors and outdoors,
  • It is applied safely on Pardus Panels,
  • For other application surfaces, please contact our technical department.


  • Her torbada aynı kalite
  • Uygulamada yüksek aderans ve dayanım sağlar.
  • İşçilik maliyetlerinden ve zamandan tasarruf sağlar.
  • Isı, ses ve yangın yalıtımı sağlar.
  • Nefes alabilen bir malzemedir.
  • %99 inorganik malzemelerden oluşur.
  • Çevre ve insan sağlığına zararlı madde içermez.
  • Düşey yüzeylerde kayma yapmaz.
  • Kolay hazırlanır ve uygulanır.

Technicial Specifications

BLOCK KNIT GLUE A1 (F=120) ≤ 0,70 ≤ %20 M5 (N/mm²)  1500 ± 200 kg/m³
BRICK BIMS KNITTING MORTAR A1 (F=120) ≥ 2 hours ≤ %20 M5 (N/mm²) 850 ± 200 kg/m³
PANEL BOARD ADHESIVE GLUE A1 (F=120) ≥ 2 hours ≤ %20 M10 (N/mm²) 1450 ± 200 kg/m³
Blok ve Panel Tutkalı

Mix and Use

  • The surface to be applied must be cleaned of oil, dust and adherence reducing substances.
  • The surface should be moistened before application.
  • 1 bag of product should be gradually poured into 6-9 liters of water and mixed with a low-speed mixer until a homogeneous mixture without lumps is obtained.
  • The prepared mortar takes 5–10 minutes to mature. rest and repeat for 1–2 minutes. is mixed.
  • The mixture in the container should be consumed within 1.5-2 hours.
  • Do not use products that have expired by adding water or re-mixing water and sand.
  • The application instructions of the brick or stone manufacturer must be observed.
  • The prepared mortar is applied to horizontal and/or vertical surfaces with a trowel.
  • The application should be made on the entire surface and the joints should be completely closed.
  • The placed pumice or brick should be hammered from the top and side and placed in place.

It is recommended to consume within 12 months from the production date, provided that it is stored on a pallet in a closed, dry, moisture-free environment. It must be fixed.