Perstone Çatıper Çatı Şiltesi

New Generation Attic Mattress: Çatıper

A1 Class, Heat-Sound Insulated, Moisture Resistant Mat.

Çatıper Roof Mat; They are expanded thin perlite-based mattresses produced at low density in PP lamination bags in sizes 50×100, 7-10 cm.

It is easily applied by laying it side by side in the roof, overlapping it a few centimeters. They are insulation mats that provide permanent thermal insulation in all environmental and climate conditions.

Catiper Thin Perlite Based Roof Mat is stored in PP laminated bags, and thanks to the closed porous structure of perlite, it is minimally affected by the relative humidity and thermal differences that occur due to climatic changes in the cold hipped roof. Thus, it provides permanent thermal insulation on roofs throughout the life of the building.

Mineral wool (open-pore fibers) cannot protect itself against relative humidity and moisture formation resulting from thermal changes occurring in the attic, and its insulation value decreases over time. Therefore, a vapor barrier cover must be used for mineral wool.

While the roofing mattress can be easily taken to the side for repairs, renovations or touring in the attic, mineral wool (rock wool, glass wool) cannot be removed again after laying, so walking paths must be built or walked on it. Otherwise, mineral wool may decrease in thickness over time, collapse and lose its initial insulation value.

While the fine perlite contained in the Çatıper roof mat does not allow any microorganisms to grow, mineral wool prepares the ground for bacteria and molds to live due to its open porous structure along with moisture. This creates unhealthy environments in the attic.

The cubic meter density of Çatıper mat is lighter than mineral wool. It does not burden the roof and is extremely easy to transport and install. It is also an economical material as there is no need for extra vapor barrier or vapor balancing covers.

Technicial Specifications

TS EN 14316/1
Fire Class A1 (F=120)
Thermal Conductivity 0.40 W/mK
Compressive Strength Minimum (Non-Load Bearing)
Loose Bulk Density (LD) 42 kg/m3
Grain Size (PS) 0,063 – 2,5 mm
Perstone Çatıper Çatı Şiltesi