Perstone Pardus

Pardus Facade Insulation Plate, Named after the Strong and Elegant Side of the Leopard

A1 Fire Class (Never Burnable), Heat, Sound and Fire Insulation Plate

Perlite-based panel board insulation product, with its strong structural features that do not compromise exterior insulation durability, is produced in dimensions of 40 x 60, 4-5-7 cm. While it provides heat and sound insulation on reinforced concrete surfaces, it also acts as a fire barrier. Pardus Panel, which is not affected by relative humidity and high temperatures, provides high adherence with all kinds of plaster or coating.

Pardus Panel provides high efficiency heat, sound and fire insulation in building exterior insulation applications, thanks to its practicality, lightness, durability and naturalness derived from its perlite content. It is strong, durable and healthy compared to other insulation and insulation products. It is non-flammable and provides fire safety. It prevents moisture from forming between the exterior surface of the building and the interior wall. It prevents mold and bacteria formation. It can be applied inside structural walls.

Pardus Panel has self-dowel holes. It can be easily measured according to the desired dimensions during application. It is adhered to all kinds of wall and concrete surfaces with Octopus adhesive and doweled, and the surface treatment is completed with Walrus plaster.

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Technicial Specifications

Fire Class A1 (F=120)
Thermal Conductivity 0.07 W/mK
Compressive Strength  0.5 N/mm²
Intensity 350 ± 100 kg/m³
Dimension (cm) UxY-KxG 60×40 x 4-5-7 cm

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