As Perstone, we lead the introduction of new products to our country with our R&D department, where research and development studies are carried out, and we are taking firm steps towards the vision of becoming the most innovative company in the sector in domestic and international markets. In all these studies, we aim to develop the materials, products and solutions that not only our country but the world needs.

We continue to invest in modern laboratory devices and equipment necessary to achieve this goal and increase the employment of expert personnel every year.

The main task of our R&D department is to develop the necessary projects for the production of products that will meet the current and future demands of our industry and to ensure that existing products are offered to the market at lower costs at the specified quality standards.

Our R&D experts; It tries to benefit from external information sources at the highest level by carrying out joint studies with universities, research centers, institutes and our suppliers. In order to continue sharing information more effectively, we participate in domestic and international fairs on the subject; Follows conferences, seminars and congresses.

The first priority in Quality Control studies is to determine the compliance of the raw materials used with Quality Control standards. During the production phase, only raw materials whose quality is approved at the specified standards are used.

The Quality Control process, which starts with the control of raw materials, continues with intermediate checks of the products during the production phase. Tests determined by the standards are applied to the samples taken from the products. Our expert team works meticulously to prevent the shipment of products that exceed standard values.

Tests on our raw materials and products; It is carried out and monitored within the scope of standards by our experienced staff in our advanced laboratory. While our expert staff checks the up-to-dateness of the standards, it also classifies the products according to the standards they are subject to. Perstone, which always aims to offer the highest quality products with the best solutions to its users, ensures the quality of the product reaching the customer by meticulously controlling every stage of production. Thus, Perstone R&D and Quality Control activities aim to increase customer satisfaction to the highest level.

Perstone’s mission is to transfer advanced technology to the construction industry in Turkey through its R&D studies, to raise living standards in newly constructed buildings and to create reliable, healthy and aesthetic living spaces.

Quality Control Tests Performed in Our Laboratory

  • TS EN 1745: Determination of Thermal Properties of Masonry and Masonry Products
  • TS EN 1015-11/12: Determination of Compressive and Flexural Strength of Hardened Mortar / Determination of Adhesion Strength of Hardened Plaster and Mesh Mortar to the Substrate
  • TS EN 1015-9: Determination of Processability and Correction Time of Fresh Mortar
  • TS EN 1015-17: Determination of Water Soluble Chloride Content in Fresh Mortars
  • TS EN 1015-7: Determination of Air Content of Fresh Mortar
  • TS EN 1015-18: Determination of Water Absorption Coefficient of Hardened Mortar Resulting from Capillary Effect
  • TS EN 772-1: Determination of Compressive Strength
  • TS EN 772-13: Determination of Net and Gross Dry Volume Mass of Masonry Units
  • TS EN 1015-19: Determination of Water Vapor Permeability of Hardened Plaster and Mesh Mortar