Perstone Mammuthus

The Strongest Form of Insulation: Mammuthus

High Thermal Insulation Wall Knitting Block

Mammuthus Blok, named after the power of the mammoth!

Providing heat and sound insulation, Mammuthus is in the A1 fire response class and has a fire barrier feature.

Mammuthus wall blocks, produced in 10-15-20 cm thickness and 25×60 cm dimensions, provide high-level performance in the harshest climatic conditions and provide permanent insulation without suffering structural deformation. It provides thermal insulation on its own in the 1st and 2nd degree heat zones without the need for any extra insulation material and complies with the energy performance regulations.

The most important feature that increases the possibility of buildings collapsing in an earthquake is dead loads, and heavy buildings collapse quickly. While using Mammuthus Block, which is produced at low density, reduces the dead load of the buildings, it also reduces the plaster thickness thanks to its millimetric surface. Therefore, it provides serious load reductions on the exterior.

Class A1 (non-flammable) acts as a fire barrier (800 C°) on exterior and interior facades.

Since fire intervention becomes more difficult, especially in multi-storey buildings, in addition to active fire safety systems, the use of Mammuthus Block products, which are passive safety measures, is even more important as it prevents fire from spreading between spaces.

Mammuthus Block contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution by saving fuel with its high insulation performance compared to other blocks.

Mammuthus Block is an inorganic product thanks to its closed micro and macro porous structure obtained by expanding Perlite rocks, the pearl of nature. This product, which has excellent adherence with cement, is environmentally friendly as a neutral product that does not emit gases in terms of its construction technique.

Mamuthus Block provides the necessary insulation in very harsh climate conditions in the 3rd and 4th degree heat zones by being supported by our perlite-based mantle plaster. In this way, by making the walls, which are the lungs of the building, with inorganic breathing materials, the internal vapor balance is ensured, preventing the formation of moisture and mold, and allowing people to live in comfortable, healthy environments.

Mammuthus Block is a lightweight concrete block that can be cut like wood and is suitable for installation and anchorage applications. It is a light block material that saves plaster thanks to its millimetric surface that saves labor and time with its perlite-based block mesh glue.

Technicial Specifications

M A1 (F=120) 0.06 W/m°K 80 Kpa 100-260 kg/m³ 30-60 x 15-40-7.5-10
M1 A1 (F=120) 0.11 W/m°K 1.5 N/mm² 360-440 kg/m³ 60 x 25 x 10-15-20
M2 A1 (F=120) 0.13 W/m°K 2.0 N/mm² 450-550 kg/m³ 60 x 25 x 10-15-20
M3 A1 (F=120) 0.15 W/m°K 2.5 N/mm² 540-660 kg/m³ 60 x 25 x 10-15-20

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