About Us

İnper Perlit offers its customers solutions and support, business continuity and quality material services to the sectors it addresses with the products it produces, with its expert and experienced staff. With its knowledge and experience since 1997, it knows the usage areas of the products that its customers need, and offers special solutions to its customers by integrating products and services in line with these needs.

MB Holding, which set out with the principle of “Success is the Greatest Happiness”, aims to act in a manner befitting its name and position in every sector it operates in, keeps the needs of its customers at the highest level, respects the environment and people, and is a leader not only in its sector but also at every point where it can have a positive impact on society. It has set its vision to be an organization.

Founded in 1997 within MB Holding, İnper Perlit İnş. Sanayi ve Tic. Ltd. Ltd. It is the first and only perlite expansion service provider in the Southeastern Anatolia region. Providing services in a closed area of 6 thousand m2 and an open area of 14 thousand m2 in Gaziantep 3rd Organized Industrial Zone, İnper Perlit received the TSE quality certificate in 2003 and the ISO 9001:2000 certificate in 2008.

If you are in favor of naturalness and nature in your work, Perstone offers you the most natural insulation solution in your construction and building works. Perlite, a type of rock that occurs completely naturally, is the raw material of Perstone brand products.

Perlite-containing insulation products offered under the umbrella brand Perstone are inspired by creatures such as mammoth, leopard, walrus and octopus; It also takes its brand names from the Latin meanings of these living species: Mammuthus, Pardus, Walrus and Octopus.

Perstone provides stable insulation. Its natural porous structure does not deteriorate or change. It does not lose its insulation properties over time. It does not lose its insulation values over the life of the structure and protects the structure.

It does not cause insulation performance losses that are frequently experienced in other insulation products. It is an extremely economical construction material thanks to its easy application and workmanship. It delivers the most economical results with detailed solutions in your projects.

After it is produced, it does not react with oxygen, does not cause environmental pollution by melting, is natural and does not contain substances harmful to health. With these features, it is environmentally friendly. It uses insulation resources in the best way.

Our Certificates


TS EN 771-3 2011+A1


TS EN 988-1


TS EN 998-2


TS EN 13169+A1


TSE K 119