Perstone Walrus

Strong Hold and Perfect Integrity


Walrus thermal insulation plaster, named after the Walrus living in difficult climatic conditions, provides heat and sound insulation with its strong adhesion feature on all kinds of masonry and concrete surfaces, and acts as a fire barrier in exterior and interior spaces. It ensures the humidity balance of indoor environments. Perlite cement based ready-made plasters can be easily applied to surfaces by hand or plastering machines.

It is safely applied to Mammuthus Block, brick, aerated concrete, exposed concrete, pumice and briquette walls in indoor and outdoor areas. For other application surfaces, please contact our technical department.

  • Provides high thermal insulation.
  • It provides class C sound insulation (28 dB for 2cm) in residences.
  • Walrus plaster, which is in the A1 non-combustible (F = 120) fire response class, acts as a fire barrier while protecting especially reinforced concrete surfaces against fire.
  • Walrus ready-insulated plaster, which has a low density, increases earthquake resistance by significantly reducing the dead weight of structures.
  • Since the vapor diffusion coefficient is low, it provides indoor vapor balance and the buildings breathe.
  • Walrus plasters, which are not affected by water and moisture, can be used in wet areas.
  • Walrus plaster has high resistance to cracking.
  • They are ready-made plasters that are easy to apply on interior and exterior surfaces.

Technicial Specifications

WALRUS WHITE (READY PLASTER) A1 (F=120) T1 ≤ 0.10 (0.055 W/m°K) CS I 250-450 kg/m³ ≥ 0.3 N/mm² ≤ 15
WALRUS GRAY (READY PLASTER) A1 (F=120) T2 ≤ 0.20 (0.11 W/m°K) CS II 500-800 kg/m³ ≥ 0.3 N/mm² ≤ 15
WALRUS EKOPER PLASTER-SCREED (SEMI READY) A1 (F=120) T2 ≤ 0.20 (0.124 W/m°K) CS II Avg. 550+200 kg Cement Addition ≥ 0.3 N/mm² ≤ 15
WALRUS PANEL BOARD PLASTER (READY FINE PLASTER) A1 (F=120)   ≥ 2 hours W/m°K CS III 1250-1650 kg/m³ ≥ 0.3 N/mm² ≤ 15
Yüksek Yapışma Özellikli Yalıtım Sıvası

Walrus Ready in 5 Minutes

The product is placed in a container and 5.5-7 liters of water is added depending on the application area and purpose. It is mixed by hand or machine until it becomes homogeneous. Rest for 5 minutes. After resting, it can be applied to the surface manually or by machine. The surface to be applied must be clean and free from substances such as adherence reducing substances, oil or paint. The surface is moistened before application. It is applied in layers to the desired thickness.

  • The surface to be applied must be cleaned of oil, dust and adherence reducing substances.
  • The surface should be moistened before application.There is no need to spray at least 1 day before applying plaster only on aerated concrete block walls, and there is no need to apply spray plaster on other block types.
  • 1 bag of product is 5-8 lt. It should be poured into water and mixed with a low-speed mixer until a homogeneous mixture without lumps is obtained.
  • The prepared mortar takes 5–10 minutes to mature. rest and repeat for 1–2 minutes. is mixed.
  • The mixture in the container should be consumed within 1.5-2 hours.
  • The tiles selected according to the application thickness are placed so as not to exceed the gauge length and the spaces between them are filled.
  • The product should be applied to the surface in layers with a steel trowel and spread in equal thickness over the entire surface and leveled.
  • In a single layer of plaster application, it can be applied up to a thickness of 1-3.5 cm. When necessary, it should be applied in two layers for plasters thicker than this.
  • Especially in hot seasons, the surface should be moistened before plastering, and after plastering, attention should be paid to the plaster curing and it should be watered for three days.

It is recommended to consume within 12 months from the production date, provided that it is stored on a pallet in a closed, dry, moisture-free environment. It must be fixed.