Products that Eliminate Problems in Insulation

Our Perstone products, which have heat, sound and fire insulation properties and are used in the construction industry, are inorganic origin, closed pores, breathable thanks to numerous micro and macro stagnant air spaces, do not allow mold and pests, and are human health-environmentally friendly natural insulated products.

All organic origin products have fire classes B, C, D, E, F, which can withstand up to +100°C, and their flammability degrees vary increasingly. In addition, organic products with vapor diffusion coefficients ranging between 100-5000 prevent interior spaces from breathing.

Mineral wools of inorganic origin (rock wool, glass wool), due to their open porous structure, are protected from internal and external environmental effects (heavy rainfall, wind, relative humidity, fire) or especially the quality of workmanship (thermal bridge that may occur in terms of sheathing technique, 5 mm mesh plaster). While their thermal insulation values decrease over time due to superficial cracks and moisture within their structure, they may also lose their function over time due to deformations occurring within their structure. Damages may occur on the facades, especially due to workmanship errors and low-density material selection (the exterior may fall apart in strong winds and facade precipitation). Mineral wool laid on the slab in cold hipped roofs causes the initial volume thickness to collapse and decrease by 50% within a few years. The reasons for this are; Physical and insulation properties may be lost due to insufficient ventilation, water condensation in the attic or walking around for repairs and renovations, rain and water flowing from broken and leaky places on the roof. As a result, uninsulated, damp, unhealthy attic environments where mold and bacteria proliferate can often be seen.

Perstone insulated products eliminate the above problems. They are A1 class (F=120) 800 °C fireproof products, and when Perstone Walrus plaster (2 cm) is applied, which provides passive protection against fire that may occur in your buildings (fire barrier feature), it prevents the reinforced concrete from being damaged in the fire and protects it like armor. Walrus Ekoper Screed also provides fire barrier and sound insulation between floors. At the same time, after applying a single layer (6 cm) in the Walrus Screed floor heating system, floor heating channels are opened with a machine on the screed that has set, floor heating pipes are subsequently placed and covered with 5 mm thin protection mortar or Self Leveling, allowing for parquet flooring or ceramic flooring. While allowing underfloor heating, it significantly increases the system performance. While EPS foams may collapse over time, Walrus Ekoper screed maintains its strength and acts as a Heat-Sound-Fire barrier.

Perstone Products Specifications

When Walrus Plaster and Ekoper Screed are applied together, it completely prevents sound bridges in interior spaces. When Walrus plaster (2 cm) is applied, it reduces the amount of sound that can pass through both reinforced concrete elements and wall elements (28.1-29.4 dB), while ensuring the sound acoustic balance of the interior. The sound transmission loss value at 500 Hz is R = 54.2 dB in the wall model and R in the floor model. =63.9 dB tested. These values mean insulation in accordance with the Ministry’s Class C noise regulation in residences.

They are products with a vapor diffusion coefficient of ≤15, are breathable and contribute to indoor moisture-vapor balance. Providing full adherence with inorganic cement, it provides insulation without being affected by heavy rain, wind pressure and UV rays seen on exterior walls, while showing high resistance to these effects.

Perstone’s main raw material provides the above-mentioned insulation properties on its own, thanks to the micro and macro pores contained in expanded perlite.

Perstone products (Block, Mesh Glue, Coat Plaster, Thin Plaster, Screed, Roof Mat) that you can use safely on exterior and interior facades are products that can maintain constant insulation and performance values throughout the life of the building.

Perstone products offer the advantages of perlite, which is produced with domestic products in Gaziantep, obtained from the natural resources of our country, and accepted by the world, to the construction and industry sectors with economical solutions under the most ideal conditions.

Advantages of Perlite Based Insulation Products

High Thermal Insulation

In every climate zone; It complies with the requirements of the energy performance regulation.

Sound Insulation

It meets the Class C noise regulation determined by the Ministry for residences.

Fire Regulations and Fireproofing

Thanks to the high technology of perlite obtained from volcano products in nature, it is in the A1 fire reaction class (it does not burn at all), f = 120, is fully compliant with the fire regulations and is the most effective way for your building to take passive fire precautions.

There is No Margin of Error in Measurements

While Perstone products provide stable insulation and strength due to their structure, they are not affected by external or internal environmental effects and do not deform over time.

Easy to Apply

Perstone products provide ease of application with ready-made, lightweight, high-strength products that reduce labor.

Saving and Economical

Apart from other products in the world and in Turkey, Perstone is a product group that can produce easy solutions to heat, sound and fire details at the same time and stands out with its economical application thanks to the solution details in the projects.

Breathability Feature

Perstone products, which have a very low vapor diffusion coefficient, allow your living spaces to breathe. Thus, it prevents mold and fungus formation on the wall.

Building Life and Texture Compatibility

It is compatible with building elements produced with 100% mineral-containing Perstone technology and does not lose this feature over time. Thanks to the preservation of stable insulation values, it maintains the same performance in insulation comfort.

Provides Healthy Structures

Perstone products contain expanded closed-pore particles that are inorganic and chemically neutral. They are not affected by harmful chemical compounds that may occur under climate and environmental conditions and do not create toxic substances.

Environmentally Friendly

Perstone products are produced according to the ISO 9001 system using natural perlite and binding agents and are under TSE assurance. It does not release gas.

It does not contain any active substances harmful to human health.

Protects Country Resources

Multi-layer applications in thermal insulation can always cause detail problems.

Perstone products offer many insulation features together and are economical products.