İnper Perlit, a company operating in the field of Perlite expansion within MB Holding, one of the leading companies in the construction industry, continues its R&D studies without interruption. The organization, which has branded the name ‘Perstone’ and is preparing to launch the products in production stage, emphasizes that perlite-containing building materials produced with new technology will provide significant savings in labor and materials in sound, heat and fire insulation.

“PERSTONE” Brand Debuts

İnper Perlit, which is under the umbrella of MB Holding, which operates in the fields of Construction, Building Materials, Energy, Agriculture, Medical Textile and Tourism, is preparing to offer new, natural and strong insulation products to the consumer under the brand ‘Perstone’ by determining the needs of the insulation and construction sector well.

Performance Loss: Zero

Founded in Gaziantep in 1997, İnper Perlit company will stimulate the sector by increasing its product range with the new products and technologies it develops. Stating that the products and technologies they develop as a company are always within the framework of respect for laws and regulations, compatible with nature, healthy and suitable for practical applications, İnper Perlit General Manager Özcan Kaya said, “As it is known, our country has an energy deficit. In this context, our most important duty is to use energy correctly, economically, appropriately and be environmentally friendly. Perlite is a product that can provide maximum insulation, insulation and filtration in the area where it is used, due to its naturally porous structure. Expansion: Once produced, the perlite turns into natural insulation capsules and the resulting dimensioning maintains itself. It does not release gas later, unlike other raw materials, that is, it does not react with oxygen and melt and release gas to the environment. The loss of performance experienced in other products is absolutely out of the question when perlite is used correctly. It remains with the texture harmony it provides in buildings until the end of the building’s life. “In case of using İnper Perlit Mammuthus block in buildings, insulation comfort will be provided at the most affordable cost, and our natural soil and sand resources will be protected by preventing the problems of inefficient and unnecessary consumption,” he said.

Life Saving in Areas with High Fire Risk

Özcan Kaya, General Manager of İnper Perlit, stated that the products containing Perlite provide energy and economy savings by maximizing fire, heat and sound insulation without additional costs, without additional costs, thanks to the solution details, and that they will raise their awareness in the market with new products in this respect.

Kaya said, “Our Perstone branded products, which are produced with the contributions of our advanced technology and production team, are kept under surveillance until they enter the packaging and quality control is completed. In addition to being produced in accordance with TSE standards, a product that is more economical and higher quality than other equivalents in the market, without compromising on quality and with high structural comfort has been created. Because of these details, it is a reliable building block to be used. These products, with their structure that is less affected by environmental effects, strive to meet the demands of the user in terms of being environmentally friendly. In addition to its physical strength, it also has high-level properties in chemical resistance. Since it is a breathable product, it is a solution for mold and algae that may occur. With its ability to withstand temperatures up to 1300 degrees, it is a life saver in living areas with a high risk of fire. Since it is a perfect reflector material during fire, it prevents the fire from passing to the floors. “It insulates airborne sounds and impact sounds very well,” he said.

Our Goal is to Gain a Considerable Place in the Market

Stating that they will soon launch Mammuthus Block, Pardus Panel, Octopus Knitting Glue and Walrus Insulation Plaster among Perstone branded products, Kaya stated that they will draw a new road map for the construction industry.

Özcan Kaya emphasized that their goal in 2017 is to gain a significant, permanent and strong place in the market and concluded his words by saying, “As MB Holding, we always maintain our understanding of superior quality and constantly renew and improve ourselves.”